Friday, February 18, 2011

We're melting!

This is mainly for my mother who, suffering as always from the extreme weather in Minnesota, loves seeing what's happening here in the more moderate weather of Connecticut. She has quite enjoyed the pain we've felt this winter. Remember this?

Our poor penguins on the front porch have been buried for more than a month. Not any more.

The car that disappeared sometime in mid-January...

is finally showing its sorry self.

Far more interesting is a blog I just ran across. James Nicoloro, who lives here in Redding, is making a documentary about Mark Twain's last years, including the time he lived in town. The photographs he posts are beautiful and it's interesting to follow the process of research and all else involved in putting together the film. Check it out here.

The gates leading up to Mark Twain's Stormfield property, photographed by James Nicoloro this winter.

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